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GoMovies uses only the best quality sources. No cams, rips, or low quality content whatsoever, just all HD streaming.
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Stream all your favorite movies and TV series from one place with GoMovies. You'll never run out of TV shows and movies to watch on GoMovies and there's no limit to the amount of devices you can stream from. Take your series and movies with you everywhere with GoMovies. You may recognize this website by it's former name 123movies. After much pressure, 123movies closed down and is now GoMovies. If you previously have used 123movies you'll find using GoMovies just as easy, and creating an account has the same features as before and is free and optional and not required to stream videos.


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All About GoMovies


GoMovies enables you to watch unlimited television shows and full movies online. You can watch full episodes of television series anytime and anywhere by using GoMovies.
GoMovies help you to discover new movies. It is one of the most viewed sites online. It has a wide collection of movies of all genres making it an excellent movie website.


We are living in the modern era, where people don’t have time for anything. People are leading a very hectic life. They literally have no much time to put in even for the entertainment purpose. They need everything at their fingertips. Technology has helped them to live an easier life. So, being used to the ease provided, they are not willing to put effort on anything.
Earlier, before mobile and internet ruled over the world, the only source of entertainment available was television and radio. People were willing to wait patiently for hours to watch their favourite series. They won’t think of missing a series or movies because they had no source to watch it again. So, they did put lot of effort to watch a series or a movie.
Today, we have a lot of streaming services. GoMovies is one such source that let you watch any movie or television series according to your availability. You can watch it anywhere in your preferred time. You don’t have to put much effort for this. GoMovies gives a wide collection of movies of all genres at your fingertips. You can watch it while you are travelling or you are at home.
The quality of the videos available in GoMovies is far better than the ones provided by television operators. Therefore, GoMovies makes you feel like you are sitting at the theatre.
These advantages of GoMovies are a curse to the traditional television service providers including cable TV operators and dish TV operators. The television services will be soon completely displaced unless they are making some major changes. People will always go behind the easiest option.


GoMovies is a free service provider. While streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video charge payment after a trial period, GoMovies doesn’t charge a single penny. GoMovies is completely free of cost.


Everybody doubts on the free service provided by GoMovies. There are people who still believe that there may be hidden charges. Actually, GoMovies is completely free of cost. And, if you are thinking about how it runs without charging, it’s running and making profit from broadcasting various advertisements.


GoMovies is said to be virus free. But, do not take a risk. You can use an antivirus to ensure safety.


  • WIDE COLLECTION: - GoMovies has a wide collection of movies of all genres and languages. It also has all episodes of the major television series and programmes.
  • FREE OF COST: - While all other streaming service providers charge payment after the trial period, GoMovies is completely free of cost.
  • WELL ORGANISED CONTENT: - GoMovies has a very systematic and well organized library of movies and other programmes letting you select your choice easily.
  • USER FRIENDLY: - GoMovies is user-friendly. It saves your taste of programmes and showcase the relevant videos on your screen according to the previously watched ones.
  • DAILY UPDATION: - The movies and programmes are updated daily. This enables you to watch the latest programmes, series and movies. Many films and programmes are added daily to the website.
  • SUBTITLES: - GoMovies provides understandable subtitles to every programmes. This service let you explore movies and shows in different languages.
  • PRIVACY: - Also, you need not sign in to watch movies. You can just go to GoMovies website and watch your preferred movie or programme. So, you don’t need to give any of your personal information. Most of the streaming service providers will let you use the services only after signing in by providing your personal information including phone number and email id.


GoMovies is an illegal site. They are streaming the pirated videos. But, if you ask whether it is safe to use, check below.


GoMovies is safe to use. First of all because you are not downloading or uploading any content in the website. The site is obviously illegal and showcasing pirated videos. But, the end-users will not face any problems. The problem is to those who own the website. The legal responsibility is on the shoulders of the owners.
If you are still scared to use the website, you can anonymously enter into the website using a VPN.


GoMovies is an easier option to watch HD movies and television series at any time being anywhere. You can go and watch your preferred video without the need of signing in. So, your information is not saved and it increases the privacy of the user. Therefore, it protects the privacy of the user.
GoMovies doesn’t charge payment unlike other streaming service providers. It makes profit from broadcasting advertisements. It is a very cheaper option while all other streaming services have different type of membership plans. GoMovies provides free access to the complete programmes and movies updated on the website. It has a very good and wide collection of movies and programmes. You can browse and select the one’s of your choice very easily from the GoMovies website.
GoMovies site is broadcasting pirated videos. So, the site is running on illegal terms. Although, the site is illegal, it doesn’t cause any harm or problems to the end-users. The complete responsibility is on the shoulder of the owners. You can use anti-virus software for your safety. You can also access the website anonymously by using a VPN to ensure your security. It is important to ensure your safety before everything else.